WEE FARMS is dedicated to cultivating the cleanest, finest, craft cannabis the Oregon market has to offer.  After years of headaches, experiments, theories and challenges... Wee Farms has emerged with a new strategy, plan and motivation.  The founders imagined, dreamed, and built a growers paradise with the plants health being our number one priority.

Photography courtesy of Trevor O'Brien.


With responsible farming Wee have met the qualifications of a sustainable agricultural trade.  What do Wee mean by sustainable agriculture?  Economically viable, socially responsible and ecologically sound.


Wee Farms focuses on energy and environmental conservation.  With us maintaining and practicing sustainable farming, Wee Farms can offer the highest quality craft cannabis for clean recreational use for less.

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By taking our indoor grow methodologies, to the new indoor, fully automated light deprivation Dream House, allows us to use less energy and water per plant reducing our environmental impact and footprint.


Wee take pride in our 100% natural and organic integrated pest management (I.P.M.).  

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