Here at Wee Farms we are proud to practice sustainable agriculture methods utilizing modern agricultural techniques along with methods we have learned through the years of cultivating marijuana indoors.

There are only 31 farms in Oregon who can call themselves "Clean Green Certified" and Wee Farms is one of them!  Wee Farms is the only farm technically "hydroponic" with this certificate. 

We grow our cannabis in an organic coconut husk and perlite based substrate.  We feed our plants using hydroponic grow method starting with fresh clean water, a nutrient blend of sourced dry pure minerals along with the introduction of living beneficial organisms and enzymes.

Our irrigation and water reclamation system allows us to produce more crop per drop while improving water-use efficiency.

We take pride in our 100% natural and organic integrated pest management (I.P.M.).

Craft cannabis grown in small single strain batches allows us to provide to the individual needs of each specific strain we are cultivating at the time.

Our final process is never rushed, we only whole plant cure and hand trim our cannabis.  Producing the same consistent high quality farm to friend experience time and time again.

Photography courtesy of Trevor O'Brien.


"Some People Feel the Rain,


Other's Just get Wet."